Love In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

At the end of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the characters end up with something they weren’t seeking despite the happy marriages because the characters push aside their original feelings. Orsino’s undying love for Olivia vanishes at the end of the play when he marries Viola at the drop of a hat. Olivia’s love for Viola or “Cesario” is disregarded when she marries Sebastian. Malvolio wants Olivia’s affection but he truly desires a higher social ranking. Spontaneity is part of love's irrationality. The marriages happen suddenly without regret. Love is uncontrollable, which is seen vastly throughout the play. Olivia falls for Viola even though she swears to only mourn her brother. The characters can’t control their love, which makes the play so …show more content…
Olivia falls madly in love with Viola, despite her best efforts to pass on Orsino’s prospects of love. Viola is sent to woo Olivia in Orsino’s favor, but Viola herself becomes more appealing. Olivia wants to know if “someone”, particularly Cesario, would like to profess their love, “I had rather hear you to solicit that than music from the spheres” (3.1.110), Olivia would enjoy hearing Cesario profess his love more than hearing angels sing. Olivia does not wait for her love to be reciprocated, “I love thee so, that, maugre all thy pride, nor wit nor reason can my passion hide” (3.1.152), Olivia loves Viola so much she can no longer hide her passion. It is prevalent in the novel that Olivia is deeply in love. Viola is appealing because of her charm, she is charming when addressing Olivia, “most radiant, exquisite, and unmatchable beauty”( ), Viola is a natural romantic, as Cesario and herself. Olivia falls for her enticing words. Olivia is also enchanted by Viola’s false proclamations of love. When asked what she would do as the Duke, Viola would, “write loyal cantons of contemned love and sing them loud even in the dead of night”( ) Viola would sing romantic poems outside Olivia’s house as a proclamation of love. At this, Olivia is hooked, “What is your parentage”( ), Olivia falls in love with Viola’s romantic heart, and wants to know more about her. Because of this, Olivia falls in love with Viola’s heart, something Sebastian does not

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