The Importance Of Local Small Business

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We generally like to associate the word businesses with the name brand stores we shop at such as Walmart, Kohl’s, Victoria Secret, and Nike. If true though, then what do we associate our local small businesses under? There are many unknown businesses in this world due to their small size and that they are geographically located in one small spot somewhere the world. We tend to lose track of how important these small businesses are to our community and the citizens who live there. Support from local customers is essential to a strong community and its small businesses. There are many important reasons in which to support our local small businesses such as money coming back into the community, increasing local employment, and development of …show more content…
As the economy grows many new small businesses pop up around the nation. They’re constantly relying on help from communities to make it against larger businesses looking to overtake all small businesses. You’ve heard of Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. These holidays promote shopping at stores for great deals on a wide variety of products. There is also a holiday called Small Business Saturday which promotes to all customers to support their local businesses. By shopping and purchasing products at the stores on not just that day but every day (Mills).Support from local customers is essential for communities and small businesses to prosper as a whole. Though large companies are willing to put a lot of money back into a community and create thousands of jobs when moving to an area, it is still better for customers to support local small businesses because they are essentially the back bone of communities and are more willing to give more money back to the community towards actual needs of the community. I believe that the government should make it easier for investors to invest in small businesses in order to improve the well-being of communities around the nation. This in the end will positively help the nation’s economy as a whole and our whole

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