Community College Student Analysis

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According to (Hamm 1), about eighty percent of high school graduates attend college and half of them mainly begin their post high school education in community colleges. The statistics illustrated above highly influence the decision made by most students with regard to the best option to consider once they have completed their high school education. There are contrasting opinions about the suitability of a 4-year university or spending the first two years of college at a local community college, to which the essay adopts the option of a local community college and the choice of the option is reiterated by the cost involved, the exposure, student-teacher ratio and generally the standard of education.
According to statistics released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a total of 68.3 percent of students who graduated from high school in 2011 were enrolled into college. An interesting aspect of the statistics
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The first degree of flexibility relates to the flexibility attached to a career choice since community colleges have a wider range of academic courses which are effectively structured to address specific jobs. Unlike community colleges, 4-year universities tend to have compressed courses which incorporate numerous academic resource and thus it limits individuals from obtaining specialization therefore limiting their performance when presented with an individual position. The second aspect of flexibility relates to the schedules that community colleges have. Majority of community college classes are held at flexible hours. The first option relates to the part time classes which fluctuate depending on the set format. Such classes can be held at night hours and the rest are held on the weekends. As a result of these changes, students from poor families get the opportunity to work and acquire the necessary fees to finance their

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