The Importance Of Living In The World

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What world I would like to live in is a question before this course that I had not spent much time pondering. The pre-test that was taken at the beginning of the course really reflects what my narrative was before taking the course. From the beginning I knew I wanted to live in a world where countries worked together regardless of difference. Nearing the end of the course this idea has not changed, but it has evolved with me throughout the course. Many of the ideas of the continuing revolution contributed to what is now my new narrative. My new narrative primarily focuses on the use of ecological consciousness, deep democracy, and global goals. The concept of the “us” and the “them” still lingers in the society we live in today. …show more content…
One of the first things that would be possible under an ecological consciousness society would be deep democracy. Deep democracy is something that would be hard to accomplish in a world full of boundaries. This is primarily because of what deep democracy entails. At its very core deep democracy fights for a society in which everyone opinions are heard. Many including myself thought for a long time that U.S must be the most democratic country in world, however, this is not the case. In comparison to other countries around the globe the U.S is not exactly at the top in terms of democracy. This is primarily because of the long standing socioeconomic pyramid that continues to divide our society. Beyond putting a label on a person based on how much they make the socioeconomic pyramid also can affect how much a person’s voice is heard. All too often the wealthy and middle class dominate the voice of the public. This leads majority of the population in which is poor without a voice or say on what’s going on in government. Cornell West argues that this portion of population’s voice would be beneficial. “We can now benefit from listening to those who have been oppressed as a source of strength and an essential part of dialogue” (Continuing Revolution Lecture 13). For too long we have lived in a society where money means power. But this systems cannot continue because it has not got anything done in the government. I would take Cornell west concept one step further and reform the government. This would be accomplished by creating a government full of more diverse options and views. I want to live a world with a government that is full of people from all walks of life. A government with a diverse spectrum of people will allow for true progress. By having this diversity in the government only then will deep democracy be accomplished. Deep democracy would allow for

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