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Living in the Trees
“I wake up in the morning asking myself what can I do today, how can I help the world today” (Hill)? This quote is very meaningful to me, it helps me know and remember the direction I should be going in my life. I want to help and inspire the world to do better and I hope that through this manuscript, I am able to achieve this goal. As well as inspiring people, I want to show that I am a hands-on type of person and that I like to take action and not just sit around and talk about problems in this world. I like to help fix them and join in on movements to make them even stronger. My purpose in writing this is to uncover issues in this world that are unknown to most and to try to enact a change in individuals which will turn
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One of the main goals of this charity is to educate others about environmental issues. “For nearly 10 years, Circle of Life operated and produced cutting-edge speaking tours, eco-friendly events, classroom visits, workshops, [and] training programs…” (“Transformation”). Educating the public is a very important tool that I use in my activism. I think doing these talks helps people grasp the impact that they make in the world and help them better their footprint on the earth. By helping the environment, you are ultimately doing a service to mankind, like I did during my tree-sit. For 738 days, I brought to attention the environmental issues some people did not know about, including the cutting down of old redwood trees (Hill, Julia. “About Julia.”). The other goal of my charity is to share with society that there are ways to change the outcome of our destructiveness to the Earth and to protect it. On the website for this charity, clean-living techniques and ways to not leave such an effect on the planet are presented in great detail (“Transformation”). My hope is that people who visit my website will implement these approaches and share them with their friends. If the word can get around to many different people, there can be a major impact on the status of the …show more content…
For example, most people do not really know about how they are hurting the environment and everything that lives in nature. People every day on the side of roads or at the ocean throw garbage into nature. However, there are ways to change this cycle; what people do not understand is when everybody thinks that one piece of trash is not going to affect anything, the world will become a permanent landfill. I have a strong belief that nature is a magical thing that can change your life, it has changed mine drastically. Nature can communicate with you, but how can we hear it if we are too busy tearing it apart (Goodman)? “When I entered the great majestic cathedral of the redwood forest for the first time, my spirit knew it had found what it was searching for. I dropped to my knees and began to cry, because I was so overwhelmed by the wisdom, energy, and spirituality housed in this holiest of temples” (Hill). I was so overcome with emotion that I started to cry, if that is not powerful I do not know what is. Experiencing the environment is really a spiritual thing that I would love everybody to experience, the population needs to change the path we are on to make this possible. Imagine if our children and grandchildren had to grow up in a world with polluted air and water, and a lack of

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