Forks Over Knives: Documentary Analysis

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Over the last few years I have come upon many different studies and documentaries revolving around the cruelty to animals, which had made me begun to explore the option of living a more animal friendly life. In 2009 when I was around 15 I first heard about the concept of living a vegetarian diet as a means of being animal friendly, of course as a 15 year old my will power was not very strong and I caved and began to start consuming meat again. I did however convince my parents to get a few chickens so we could eat farm fresh organic eggs versus the ones I saw at the grocery store after researching the living conditions of hens. Over the next few years I developed a very unhealthy eating habit in which I ballooned up to a 270 pounds when I was 19. The thought of being a vegetarian was something that I hadn’t given much thought to since I stopped. One day in January 2014 while searching through Netflix I came across the documentary Forks Over Knives. In this documentary they begin to explain how Americans are literally eating themselves to death. Over the 96 minutes I really began to soak up the information. The documentary starts to explain how many common …show more content…
I began to incorporate many more vegetables and began to look at what I was using when I cooked. I began to become more conscious of what I was putting into my body and how it would have a direct affect on me. I started using tofu and soybean based products as meat substitutes. I think that when many people think of going vegetarian they automatically assume it will be too hard or too expensive and that is not the case. There are vegetarian alternatives to everything you could want from bacon to meat loaf and the price is quite comparable. I began also buying food that was Non GMO (non genetically modified) and produce that was raised with no pesticides. I personally do not think I will ever go back to eating after having such a positive experience over the last two

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