Persuasive Essay On Live Your Own Life

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Live Your Own Life
In communities all around the world, we see young children and teens under a great deal of parental pressure, whether it be in the academic field, music industry, dance, or the sports spectrum. This type of heavy pressure on a growing child or teen can cause them to feel trapped, anxious, angry, and can hinder their ability to make decisions on their own. These problems can follow children and teens into adult hood, leading to larger problems, like adult anxiety, social anxiety, and failure to hold a job because they are not able to make life choices for themselves. Children and Teens should be given choices by their parents, so they are able to understand that they are able to make decisions on their own.
This growing problem is what inspired me to interview, Justin Williams, A 21 year old independent young adult, who was once a very dependent child and young man. He fought for his individuality, in a community full of children just
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At the age of seven, he began minor league and also began pitching. Seeing as he was a left handed pitcher, his coaches had already labeled him a valuable player. Justin’s coaches and parents first realized his talent at the age of nine, that is when the real pressure set in for him. “I kept telling myself baseball was what I wanted to do in life, and I can honestly say I started believing myself.” Williams had always seen others being pushed around by their parents growing up, and it made Williams pity them, because he knew how they felt “It was a very sad thing to watch, because I knew what they felt, I didn’t want to be out there on the field, and I know they didn’t

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