The Importance Of Literature In Of Mice And Men

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Literature means many different things to many different people. It can be an escape from reality, to gaining knowledge by reading the Encyclopedia. Books, or literature, could be anything with words that have meaning, but to critic Roland Barthes 'literature is the questions minus the answer, ' he means that within each piece of literature there are questions that the book leaves with you. Although, many times you must read between the lines or look deeper into the text itself. Many books leave the reader with thoughts that do not leave them even after they have finished. Much like in all three books, 'Of Mice and Men, ' 'Paul 's case, ' and Robert Frost 's 'Mending Wall. ' There are many themes that lie within them. In 'Of Mice and …show more content…
He was only ever honest with Lennie, yet Lennie never listened. He,
Crooks, repeatedly tried to tell Lennie that his dream he had with George would more then likely never come true. He used reason and was honest about it, but Lennie was going to believe what he wanted. George and Lennie took care of each other. They would travel together and George would clean up Lennie 's messes, but George would be singled out because he had to move and all he had was Lennie. George was lonely much like Crooks, yet Crooks was black. George was singled out because of Lennie and
Lewis 2 he knew that he was. Lennie was like a child with many child like whims and wants. He knew what George told him and really nothing more. The book is simple and yet speaks more then is written. A major theme is loneliness by care-taking. George was lonely because he took care of Lennie. He had to move around and hide from people because of what Lennie did. Why did George not just explain to people what really happened? Why did he have to hide and run? Would people have understood or would they have killed
Lennie? The answers are not known and probably will never be known, but you could infer by the stories told by George and what you read happened at the farm the
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From shooting a brother to save him from being murdered to committing suicide. Each story had a darker side to them and whether the moral lesson was received, so the answers to the questions could be answered. The quote from the beginning 'literature is the questions minus the answer,’ leaves me wondering, what is the answer to killing your only family member? What is the answer to committing suicide and spending all the money you have before you die? What is the answer to being alone, with the choice of having a neighbor? Is there a general answer for each story, or is there just a universal answer for all pieces of literature? Why is one persons interpretations more correct then anyone else 's?
The books themselves were interesting but rather dark, which I personally like, and while I enjoyed them, the questions leave the answers with a blank. Literature can almost never have a single solid answer. Each book has it 's own questions and answers, and each shows different aspects of the human condition. Literature is many different things to many different people, and much like a blank page, a book has an

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