Value Of Valuing Literature

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Literature has always been a huge part of our life, whether it was a book we were invested in or a Shakespeare play we were exposed to in school. From a young age, we were introduced to literature as if it was the most sacred thing in the world. As we aged, the literature we explored became more and more broad that needed further analyzing. Literature has shaped who we are, entertained us and comforted us in ways no human can. From this point on, two successful men expressed their opinion about the value of literature. Similar to Michael Meyer, I also believe that we should keep valuing literature to the best of our ability because it enhances our understanding in an emotional aspect, brings pleasure to our lives, and develops our skills in …show more content…
Studying literature helps us develop many different and useful skills that will not only benefit us while we study, but in the real world as well. First of all, there are the basic skills we build and improve on while reading: analyzing the novel, visualizing the scenes, inferring what will happen next and critical thinking. These skills help us focus on our schoolwork and do well in our courses. The other skills that we improve while we are reading will help us land a job in our ideal workplace as well as build interpersonal skills: coherent writing, public speaking, reasoning and problem solving. The study of literature engages me in all kinds of skills because I am wrapped within the novel, trying to annotate, analyze and find deeper meaning within sentences. I am forced to put myself in the character’s shoes and infer what happens next and how I would solve it if I were them. Saying this, one of my favourite books is called Choker by Elizabeth Woods. The girl in the story went through many startling events that left me panicked and questioning what happened next. I tried to think in her perspective of what to do when she realized …show more content…
Simply put, the reader feels more satisfied, gains self-esteem and has a greater sense of self-identity. Finding a good book is hard to come by, but once I do, I am so invested in it that I forget the things that are happening around me. That is one way I feel satisfied and like I belong, I am lost within the words on the pages and I feel as if I am incorporated into the scene with all the characters. This feeling takes me to a place I can never access in real life, I feel less isolated and more involved in a brand new world without even moving from my seat. Everytime I find a new book, I am excited to embark on a new journey with different characters and events. One book that really stood out to me was Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I enjoyed the journey of the two main characters to find themselves as well as face their fears. I felt as if I was in the book with them, witnessing every move and feeling every ache. The feeling after finishing a good book is the worst feeling, you feel so lost and confused because the ending is never what you hope it is but during the book, every scene becomes so real and brings me to a place where I feel pleasure and calm. As well as finding inner peace while reading, my eyes open to other perspectives. I realize that many people I am friends with right now is either similar to me, or share the same

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