The Boosted Animals Analysis

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“The Boosted Animals, sponsored by the Boise State League of Legends Club, will be participating in the Boise State League Championship Series. Be sure to catch all the games up till the playoffs to decide the champion!” The average human may possibly be pondering, “What in the world does this have to do with the essay topic?” Personally, I savor hooking people with unorthodox statements that, with a naked eye, obviously have no correlation to one another yet, concurrently, have everything in common when examined with a wider scope of vision. Literacy of a person is unique and varied throughout individuals in the modern world. Although it might not give the impression of being principal, sponsors are responsible for every shape of literacy …show more content…
It possibly could still be the same person writing it, moreover, the writer can devise a fresh perspective. Bunn claims, “You are reading to learn how to write.” (Bunn XX) While the statement is agreeable, it’s not how the whole world might perceive it. The school system has forced students to be slaves to perfection even though it is the one providing the education. Accordingly, while no one can attain perfection, a majority of us strive for it anyway. Including myself, anything less than an A would not be acceptable in classes. Directly, I do not read to learn a significant practice related to writing. Corresponding to countless students, it is solely for the perfectionist grade. Indirectly, I am capable of absorbing that rich knowledge to apply to works of art in the future. This process termed academic writing is like a discovery of the century, hidden by the hazy fog that may never clear. A reflection constantly occurring, becoming a Pharmacologist requires an individual to demonstrate not only deity-like grades, but notwithstanding, it also forces a person to create a dissimilar aura around themselves by creating a new personality, destined in the workplace. The school system sponsors us to create a fatal flaw by providing us with an education, becoming essential to attain success in this world, nevertheless they expect perfection out of every passing individual. The truth is, perfection is impossible and is unattainable by mere mortals. The world envisions flawlessness as a finish line for humans to claw towards yet never reach; similar to being shot while painfully dragging yourself to the medical kit, while the assailant kicks it further away. For an individual, such as myself, who pretends to be someone he’s not… Perfection could be a nightmare come

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