Write An Essay On The Importance Of Literacy Throughout My Lifetime

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Justin Madrid English 1301 Scott 1/23/2015
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The Importance of Literacy Throughout My Lifetime
Have you ever thought about a time that you didn’t need literacy? The answer to that question would obviously have to be no. Literature is basically what defines our existence, without it there would be no writing, no language, and importantly no history. Can you imagine if there was no means of communication, our world as we know would cease to exist and everything would be in complete chaos. 1 Literature has been a very important factor in my lifetime, especially in school, because it has taught me the basics, expanded my knowledge, and helped me use all that I needed to finish my grade school and move onto college.
We have been taught the very
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The mere thought
6 had the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. That is when I looked back and thought to myself, I triumphed and created the best story of my life when I was elementary, I calmly took on the challenge of writing a report and made the greatest presentation of my life, and now I was going to use everything that I had learned throughout my life so far and create the biggest, strongest, and greatest story of all time. I chose my topic and went right to work, and combined my letters, words, and sentences just like I did in elementary, I studied my subject for a greater outcome just like I did in middle school, and now altogether I was creating the greatest story I had ever made in my life. As soon as I handed the paper to my teacher, I knew from the look on her face that I had achieved my goal.
Justin Madrid English 1301 Scott 1/23/2015
Justin 4
To say that literature hasn 't affected my life would be a complete understatement. I don’t think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for literature. The faster the youth of this generation understands this, is when this world will be a better place especially seeing how low

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