The Importance Of Literacy Narrative On The Classroom Essay

1422 Words Sep 15th, 2016 6 Pages
A calming silence broods over the small room lit by the light of a computer screen on the laps of a girl sitting on her bed with her back against the wall. It’s 9PM on a Tuesday night, not just any Tuesday but the Tuesday before the Wednesday of her English assignment’s due date. She had been procrastinating, but tonight she’s going to try and finish it, not that she already started on it. She sighs loudly to express her stress, though ended up sounding more like a snoring pig crying for food. She has been sitting there just staring at her computer screen for a good ten minutes before opening up an empty word document that she had previously saved as “Literacy Narrative” three weeks ago when it was assigned. She checks the time again 9:14 PM. She really needs to start writing or else she would be up all night with nothing but her name and the date on the word document. She lets out a sigh again. No more delay, she tells herself, like the responsible girl she should’ve been. She had all day to work on her assignment, but procrastinated like the lord of procrastination she is instead. She is ashamed of herself.
After thirty or so minutes of staring blankly at her computer screen like an idiot, the girl puts her laptop down, got up to the bathroom and splash water on her face. Looking at her reflection on the mirror she sighs once again before starting back to her now completely dark room. She taps the spacebar and waits for a few moment before her laptop comes back to life…

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