Essay on The Importance Of Literacy As A Person 's Life

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The importance of literacy in a person’s life is very important, the ability to read and write. If a person does not know how to read or write how is someone going to know what signs say. Also when people go to a job interview and a manager gives the person the job and they pay that person less then what they are supposed to be paying the person. Also, what about when you get a paper in the mail and they are giving you money how are you supposed to know is that Being independent and not asking people what a letter says or something is a good feeling. Not depending on anyone for anything is a great feeling overall. Literacy in a person’s life plays a very important role even if you don’t realize that it does. Financial literacy is also one of the most important things, other than literacy. Individuals in society need to know about financial literacy just so they can keep up with their expenses, to be able to set a budget and to know what’s worth spending and what’s not worth spending their money on (1). People should have some kind of idea on how financial literacy works, they should at least know the basic of it. Knowing about financial literacy can help you save a lot.
Illiterate people have faced many financial struggles throughout their lives. Kozol states, “illiterates cannot read the notices that they receive from welfare offices or from IRS. They must depend on word-of-mouth instruction from the welfare worker—or from other persons whom they have good reason to…

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