Supply Chain Business Analysis

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Frequently when one refers to a supply chain, complexity, multi, loyalty, dynamic, and a form of partnership may enter into one’s thought. The partnerships do not in a legal sense, however, by means of a business relationship between several companies. These companies have the same objective, to achieve customer’s value at the maximum level. The all-inclusive process within the supply chain entails, , “the complete set of firms and facilities and logistics activities that are involved in procuring material, transforming them into intermediate or finished products, and distributing them to customers” (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011, p. 286). The supply chain (several companies) employs and interacts in transactions to adhere to consumers …show more content…
These companies or organizations working within another supply chain make it extremely difficult to define an entire network. However, the partnership (business relationship) that exists within the network should establish guidelines to eliminate or minimize risk factors among the companies to increase customer’s loyalty. When customer’s loyalty is achieved, all companies within the network can obtain a profitable margin in revenue. However, loyalty must also exist within the supply chain network.
Eliminating and Minimizing Risk Factors
Although some risks cannot be avoided as natural disasters, each member of the supply chain should have a contingency plan or two. A contingency plan will allow the network to continue to operate while minimizing any acute problem at hand. The contingency plan should include alternative suppliers and making provision for electric failure (investing in generator(s)) would allow the company to operate at minimum capacity. Another way to reduce or eliminate risk factors, each company in the network should be accountable. Therefore, it is exceedingly important each company in the network have reputable organizations with quality products within its individual supply chain as well to meet the network requirement. Providing product in a timely manner is also
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Supply chain meeting the aggregate supply and demand can achieve customer’s loyalty. A successful supply chain can achieve customer retention and gain new customers. Therefore, a well-designed and effected marketing plan that will appeal to the given market will be beneficial to all the companies in the supply chain network.
Supply Chain Loyalty
Loyalty within the supply chain network is also important. Companies within the network must understand each is dependent upon the other. Suppliers must have employee that adheres to it mission and objectives to succeed. Loyalty must not be limited to the company itself, however, to big overall picture. When employees of the supply chain network comprehend this aspect, the process in producing a quality product can assist in sustainability in all the company in the supply chain network.

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