The Importance Of Lifeline

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Lifeline Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines lifeline as: something which provides help or support that is needed for success or survival. That could be a rope or a lifejacket, a buoy or a blanket, a stuffed animal or a person. A lifeline could be anything but mine is a boy. I have not known him since we were little, I did not have a crush on him in middle school, I met him only three years ago, since then I know what I value most. The fall of my freshman year was full of nerves. I came from a private school where my graduating class was a mere fifteen students. Now I had a class size of over one hundred. What was I supposed to do? Who were all of these people? Who were my teachers? How am I supposed to remember that combination? How do I deal with all of these questions? Who will help me through this huge transition? Samuel Morrow was a junior at the time. Taller than I but not built for football. He played basketball and has broken all of his fingers, one ankle twice, one arm at least twice, and had too many concussions that went undiagnosed. But he …show more content…
Why is it relevant? When one experiences a loss; many if not most people shut themselves off to the world. They dive into a pit of despair and loss, the only reason we had both stayed sane was because of each other. He knows me and I know him. If I have troubles, or stress, or any problems he is the one I immediately go to. He is my lifeline. In my life I have never seen a close family member die. I have never had a serious illness or surgery. The worst emotional turmoil I experience is when I fail a test. The only truly traumatic experience I recall was my wreck the day before Junior prom when I went through a light pole and rolled over a live power line that should have killed me. But I am a young adult in a country of conflict. I am a stressed senior in high school, I am a woman in a man’s world. The one thing I value most, my lifeline, is a simple small town boy named Samuel

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