What We Want

At some point, especially now at this age, we decide to evaluate our lives. What do we want? What are our plans? What are our desires? The answers to all of these question are different for each person you ask. At some point though, we have all taken the time to think it out. For me, it tends to end up causing more stress than benefits. Its terrifying going after what you actually want. You will never know if you truly made the right decision, it will just depend on how that decision made you feel at the time.
Others are more driven to getting what they want and are willing to put in the years and energy it takes for them to be fulfilled. For others, they can be content with just sitting back and letting whatever comes their way happen.
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We basically don’t want to have regrets of the past. Each individual knows what they desire, and it won’t be the same as others.
In the end, we have the power and the final say in our lives, and we must do what we think benefits us. This raises a concern though, if we are focusing only on our needs for too long, wont we become too self-centered and lose the benefits of what it’s like to help others. When do we become to obsessed with what we may want that we forget that there are other people in our lives that we can help. If we do this, we can also help ourselves in the process and feel fulfilled.
Another concern that I had about this argument was that the Landau claimed that, “If we don’t care about them (desires), then they can’t make us better off. This argument is weak because sometimes in our lives we maybe in a mental space where we may truly need something, but we think we don’t need it, but in reality we do need it. So this leads us to believe that we don’t need something, but we really do need it. An example of this would be people that need help with weight, drugs, or growing up. Many of these people will believe that they don’t need these things to get what they want, but in reality getting what they desire might be hindered if they don’t focus on making themselves better
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The way for me to get what I want is by working hard, so I can get and do the things a want to do. Recently, I had gotten a new car, and none of this would have been possible if I didn’t have the drive or desire to go after what I wanted. Thankfully I am motivated by my wants and needs, so this leads me to fulfil what I want in life, or at least some of the steps to leading a fulfilled life.
Landau (2015) argues that, “something is good for you if it satisfies your desires, only if it satisfies your desires, and because it satisfies your desires” (p.44-45). I agree with this because most of the time we are able to determine what we feel that we need, and what we will do to achieve that. But, sometimes we may think something is good for us such as; being reckless, partying. Yes, we think that is good for us, and satisfies our desires, but we might have a skewed reality of what we really may need and what we hold to be “good” for

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