Themes In Poetry

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Poetry are an amazing piece of literature. Poems show lots of details and hidden meanings about life in it. Some poems can be about someone’s true self, death, or something that is silly. The poems have a very deep meaning that the poets portrays about life and as an individual. Poems are a way to show out the themes and the way the poets portrays their generation. In the three poems: “Dulce Et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen, “After Tonight” by Gary Soto, and “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats, it shows different perspective of life and the poets describes about modern life. There are always figurative languages show throughout the poems, to emit a deeper meaning to the theme. In “Dulce Et Decorum Est”, the poet uses many literary …show more content…
In “Dulce Et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen, Owen is in World War 1 and he is describing how life is like when a comrade is dying and there is nothing for him to do to save his friend. The main theme of this poem is death and helping your country, where it is shown how Owen describes how he is staring at a person dying from breathing in poisonous gas and can’t do anything to help out. It shows out the horrors of warfare. In the last line of the poem, “Dulce et decorum est/Pro patria mori”(line 27-28), Owen writes in Latin to tell us that when we are in war, we should die for our country. People should show our their love for their own country and be ready to take sacrifices. In the poem “After Tonight”, Soto expresses how humans should watch their steps. Life could be normal for a few seconds, but if one makes a simple mistake, one could be in grave danger. There is a lot of twists and turn during life and people should be careful of what they make as a decision. In the last poem, “The Second Coming”, Yeats is telling the world that the world is falling apart very easily and a new one would form right out of it. As we grow up, we change into different worlds that we weren’t there before. For example, when we transitioned from childhood to adulthood, we move to a different world. There is no more free time and playtime. Now in the adult world, we have responsibilities and jobs to do and it takes a lot of time. Times change a lot and we just have to get use to it. The themes in all the poems relates to each other by the central theme: the world and its

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