Essay On Jewish Persecution

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What I experienced was Tartarus on earth. The Nazi’s who imprisoned us were sadistic and terrible. The smell of death hung in the air, bodies dangled by ropes tied around their necks, nowhere was safe, and hope was a thing long abandoned. Jews were nothing, less than dogs. In the camps, there was no humanity or hope. My captors were cold and many enjoyed our torture. Women, children, men, it mattered not to the Nazis who received punishment. Only the strong or skilled had any chance at survival, so long as they were useful. Somehow even after all hope was lost the walls of the camps were torn down. Finally, justice could be had and the captors could experience the same punishment the Jews experienced. But this is not the justice the world needs …show more content…
Under the Nazi Regime, Jews were forced into ghettos on a mass level, and then sent on to concentration camps. Many never made it into the camps, because they were killed upon arrival. Those who were chosen to live became slaves. Trapped with barbed wire fences and guard towers were the Jews who slaved 12 hours every day wearing nothing but rags. Death lurked around every corner, whether it take the form of a bullet, random execution, starvation, illness, or SS brutality. The sick and the old were often gassed or murdered by lethal injection. If one was to look at a photograph of the life of the Jews within the concentration camp that person would see skeletons wearing skin infected by Typhus. Those who had disabilities were almost always immediately killed, unless the SS saw them as candidates for experimentation at the hands of Dr. Josef Mengele. Men and women both were often beaten to serve as examples to scare obedience into the captives. At least 500,000 are estimated to have died in the concentration camps due to disease, hunger, or labor. Within the extermination camps, the Nazis’ ‘Final Solution to the Jewish Question’ resulted in Jewish inmates being marched into gas chambers where they were exposed to Zyklon B. 3 million men and women were murdered, and their corpses reduced to

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