The Importance Of Legal And Illegal Immigrants Essay

1348 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 null Page
I was always an outcast, or so I felt that way. I had a minor accent, knew little to no English and dressed a little different then most. During this period in my life, I had just recently moved here to Little Rock, from Mexico at the age of 7. I came here legally at the time, but can you imagine a small child leaving everything behind, having nothing but the clothes they had on and a couple hundred dollars trying to live here in the US? It was nothing easy, I saw my parents struggle financially working two jobs day and night to be able to provide for me, Empirical Characteristics of Legal and Illegal Immigrants says many find jobs in construction and farming. It is a sad thing to think about now, that they gave away spending time with me to give me a better life, I thank them everyday for it. This was a new place for me it was so hard to keep up in school, there was an assignment which said, “ Draw how you see yourself”, I had no idea what it said so I looked to my right, which was a girl and she drew a female with a skirt, so naturally I drew exactly what she drew, this was embarrassing when I realized what the work was about. I had gone to a private school so there was no Hispanics there at the time. It wasn 't until my teacher decided instead of sending me back to the previous grade she would take 30 minutes out of her day to teach me English. I have to thank her and owe it up to her for doing it, if she hadn 't I do not think I would be where I am without her. I left…

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