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Ready to Learn

I was about six years old when i first learned how to read. someone told me to go to the public library where the librarian read children’s books to the children. It interested me, so I went and was invited to sit down and listen while a lady read to us. I remember being excited about being asked to participate in the reading group. After she was done reading to us she let us check out books to write book reports so after picking out my books I ran home to begin reading and writing the book reports. I received help from my mother and sister with the words I didn’t know. Then I started writing down what I thought I understood for the book reports, but I didn’t do well on them because I obviously didn’t read well.

When school started later that year I was placed in a remedial reading class which helped me to learn to read better. As Cheryl Barnett- Bey says in “Reading with Purpose” (333). Bey states unlike Naylor we really did not have a lot of books in the house and no one except the two teacher’s showed me the importance of learning to read. Once I caught on, I fell in
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Having almost completing a semester in college, I think I know how to structure an essay, and as Cheryl Barnett-Bey quotes from reading with purpose. “Naylor had the advantage of learning the importance of reading early in her life, but that wasn’t my case because my mom didn’t instill the significance of reading in me; but to me even though my parents didn’t instill it in me I feel that a higher power did. I feel blessed with understanding. my reading experience has just begun in college where I am beginning to understand how literacy is crucial in life. I only hope I can be able to obtain what I need to further my own literary knowledge. there are some achievement’s I don’t know how well I will perform like becoming a writer. I realize I don’t yet have what it takes for that skill. I do know that reading and writing

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