Essay about The Importance Of Learning The Language Of New Country

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The Importance Of Learning The Language of New Country I still remember when I was in adult school in the United States, I spent a lot of time to tried my best to memorize hundreds of vocabulary words in English.I was hard pressed to read the novel and do the tests with many strange words. I was afraid and felt nervous when thinking about the embarrassment of those awkward moments when I tried to express my idea in front of my classmates because of my limited English skill. When I look back my international academic training, these were difficult times for me. However, it was worth it, and the trip of learning new language is valuable for me; it inspires me to create a cozy life style in the United states, helps me to know the different culture and society when I stop and admire the exotic view in the different country, and provides opportunities for me to show my opinion and in college classes constantly. Personally, I believe learning the language of a new country is essential and extremely important because it affects people 's daily activities, provides a platform for people so that they can blend in to the new culture as well as gives people an outlet to express themselves. The first reason that learning the language of a new country is important because it affects people’s daily activities. Essentially, the daily activities and well communication are related to how well people speak. Wherever people go there is a conversation; they talk to others what they…

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