Diverse Learning Environments

One way to create learning opportunities and learning environments that are meaningful and useful is by having teachers that understand how learning occurs. One way teachers can create meaning and useful learning opportunities and learning environments is by using learning style inventories. Advocates of learning style assessments say that optimal instruction requires diagnosing an individual’s learning style and using the information from the assessment for optimal instruction. Learning style assessments ask responders to evaluate what kind of information presented that they prefer and/or what kind of mental activity most engages them. The choices will include examples such as words versus pictures versus speech and/or analysis versus …show more content…
One way that teachers can meet students’ diverse learning needs is by choosing culturally relevant curriculum and materials that recognize, incorporate, and reflect students’ culture and ethnicity. This strengthens students’ self-esteem when they see and read about others like them. Teachers can also adapt the curriculum to make topics meaning to the students. This focus allows students to practice language, thinking, reading, and writing skills in a way that is meaningful and interactive. It also helps students to realize that teachers value their differences (Cole, 2008). Another way that teachers can meet students’ diverse learning needs is by using students’ background knowledge to enhance learning. Students’ self-esteem and motivation are strengthened when teachers use their experiences in the classroom and validate what they have to say. Students also engage more when they are asked what they know about a topic and if they get to help decide on research questions rather than being given the questions and having to find the answers to set questions. Finally, the teacher obtains a better understanding of students’ background knowledge through pre-assessments which can guide subsequent lessons (Cole, 2008). A final way that teachers can meet students’ diverse learning needs is by encouraging active participation of parents and caretakers. Proverbs 10:17 says, “Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life, but he who rejects reproof leads others astray.” Teachers understand how children learn and can give parents suggestions and information to help their children. If the parents and caregivers do not accept the suggestions and information given, they are hurting their children. Parents and caretakers are students’ first teachers; however, they are not always aware of what shapes their

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