Computer Programming Memory

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Computer programing is an IT field which is responsible of the development of software. With computer programming, one has the power to change the life since computing technology is present in every single aspect of the life such as health, security, education. In addition, of its high salary and the job market, computer programming provides a challenging environment where one can reach his full potential. This paper will discuss about the importance of learning memory, cognition, moods, and stress in the computer programming field.
Understanding the concept of memory has several benefits in computer programming. Since The memory is organized according to the information-processing model of memory (Ballantyne, Hull & Licht, 2014), it helps
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This process is applied in computer programming as inheritance. In addition to the notion of concept, the approach of problem solving will be useful to a programmer in the way that he can apply the techniques such as heuristics and divergent thinking to find the solution to a program. Heuristics provides a shortcut to an issue, and divergent thinking helps to break the general problem in small ones (Ballantyne et al., 2014). For instance, if a programmer is confronted to a problem need the best path to transfer the information, he will use a heuristic to solve this problem by initially identifying the problem, next by decomposing the problem into part and solving each part individually. Problem solving and divergent thinking are two cognitive processes that are undeniable useful for a programmer; however, the can be influenced by moods, and this can result in a reduction of the debugging performance of the programmer (Khan, et al., 2011). It is now critical to talk about the advantages of learning moods in computer …show more content…
Furthermore, by learning about cognition, the programmer will learn about the notion of concepts and heuristics which are useful when it comes to interpret the real word and to solve problems. In addition, it will also beneficial for him to learn about moods since it is positively correlated his performance. Finally, a programmer will benefit of studying stress since it will help him to be aware of the danger of that can stress causes him, he will also learn about the tools to reduce it. Hence learning about memory, cognition, moods, and stress in computer programming is

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