The Importance Of Learning Literacy With Technology Essay

1345 Words Sep 28th, 2014 6 Pages
(A) What I think now & have my questions been answered:
Being literate in the 21st century requires more than the ability to read and write, it requires the understanding of concepts and notions that have been read across an increasing variety of digital, text, visual and oral formats. The implementation of merging and integrating technologies into literacy allows students to; develop critical thinking, which is the skill to question and examine content and compare different viewpoints; apply skills obtained outside of school with technology, into classroom tasks; and experience a unique contribution to their literacy learning, allowing them to think creatively when completing a task. The combination of the two also allows students to practice different approaches to learning and possibly find an approach that assists them to understand or develop a higher competency within a task.
Whilst researching how technology can be used to assist literacy, I focused on three areas to help research and develop answers. Firstly I focused on questioning the importance of learning literacy with technology. Through literature and findings through my PI experiences I have gained an understanding that literature stresses the importance of combing technology into literacy and the positive outcomes from seeing both combined on placement supports this matter. Secondly I also focused on questioning what strategies teachers use when teaching literacy with technology. Both literature and findings…

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