The Importance Of Learning At Athens State University

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While studying for my bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, I have acquired many new skills and abilities. In addition to learning about new technologies, effective communication, and teamwork, I have also learned the value of my education and the importance of lifelong learning.
Skills Developed and Strengthened at Athens State As a new student at Athens State University, I learned it is essential to learn and utilize the various technologies used by Athens State University in addition to the different technologies required for many of the different courses. Some of these technologies included Blackboard for course work and communication with the instructor, Collaborate for online classrooms, Mindtap and Connect for online course work, SAM for learning Excel, Internet search tools for projects and research papers, Athens State Online for registering and paying for courses, and the most important is Athens State Library online which has been an invaluable resource for every course.
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In the classroom, like any work environment, there are many different types of personalities, work ethics, work schedules, and leadership abilities. I have had the pleasure of working with fellow students who were enthusiastic and willing to work towards the understood goals of the team. These individuals took pride in their team’s work and followed through on their commitments. As in the workplace, this type of student also readily accepted feedback on their performance while encouraging others to achieve at their highest lever.
Just as in the workplace, not all students have these ideal traits. Sometimes, the hardest part of teamwork becomes finding a means to either work with a difficult student or to work around them to complete the assigned task without a negative effect on grades. Elizabeth Grimm, a librarian at the Rasmussen College Fort Myers campus

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