The Importance Of Learning A New Language

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According to Haruki Murakami (2016) learning another language is like becoming another person. A starting point in learning a new language is being able to start constructing our own identity. Through finding new meanings, metaphors and manners of speech. One may start to see a new identity within themselves. This online course will hopefully allow students to grow as individuals. In order to have an effective course, data must be evaluated from student feedback. Points to be discussed are the evaluating tool used Survey Monkey, Saginaw Valley student feedback, current Spanish student attending Au Gres-Sims and the importance of feedback in a foreign language online immersion course.
The evaluation tool used was Survey Monkey accessed online.
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Question one and five two students rated it strongly agree. Onc student rated it agree. For question two and six, one student rated it strongly agree and two students rated it agree. All three students strongly agreed on questions three and four. All students responded to question seven. Some of the responses for what students had learned throughout the course included the difference between Spanish and English social media, how to immerse in latino culture, the definition of Spanglish and that most Latinos in U.S, speak English. One thing I could improve upon was the clarity of question one in the survey because if course objectives were clear but wasn’t concise. The person evaluating couldn’t choose just one option if one had a greater rating than the other. Another critique was on mini prueba 1 I forgot to label the dialogue such as student A and student B to know who was asking questions and who was responding to them. Which was a great point I totally overlooked the labeling when creating the mini prueba. Two students skipped question eight. The one response I received was the student liked my assessment through the use of Facebook. They also liked the idea of having the students introduce themselves in a video while allowing others’ to …show more content…
My original idea was to have the instructions and syllabus in Spanish because I currently have immersion classes. My student Kaitlyn could not complete the survey online because our district had it blocked. Therefore, I gave her the survey verbally in Spanish. Kaitlyn strongly agreed on questions 1-6 on the survey. The two things she liked the best was posting on Facebook and reading the articles. One thing she thought I could have done better was to add some kind of music lyric interpretations as I do in class because it lacked my special touches of bringing Spanish to life for her. I agree this was an amazing idea to find music with a political message. There are many things I do in class that I can easily add to my line course. Such as having the students try to understand jokes or visual interpretations of scenes of real life in another country for imagery. She couldn’t think of an answer for question eight other than she was comfortable using

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