Language: Video Analysis

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The video talked about how the speaker set his home up with video cameras and microphones to be able to capture the beginning years of his son’s life and be able to study his language development. The reason for this study was to discovery the process of how a child learns a language. From the data collected the researchers were able to created space/time worms, which helped to be able to trace where the child traveled in the home and heard words. With the data it was discovered that adults would start to speak more simply and then would increase their complexity of speech as the child got older. It was discovered that the dip, or when the adult would speak the simplest, would match with when the child would start to say a word. The research …show more content…
When he was talking about it to me it made since that this is what would happen. When a child is a newborn we know that they can’t pronounce words yet so we still talk like we normally do. I think the reason we start to talk more simply towards a child when they start making sounds is because we are trying to help them learn the word. Just like with learning language or a sport we need talked too simply, and start with baby steps, we don’t just go straight to the complicated steps. When I was learning Spanish in high school if the teacher talked to be like she would to a student that already knew the language I would have been completely lost and not wanted to even try to learn Spanish anymore. This is why I think that we make it easier for children to learn words so they don’t get discouraged when learning to talk.
This video was very informative and helped a lot about understanding how a child learns a word. This video has help me think that even in my placement that I can help the children learn a word by using it more where the object appears, like my the sink for water or by the refrigerator for a bottle. This video also opened my eyes to see just how connected we are to each other through the use of social media and television. The video caused me to think a lot about how a child learns a word and how we can help them relate words to objects, or

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