The Importance Of Leadership In Higher Education

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Leading change requires an awareness and understanding of trends achieved by remaining current on topics relevant to higher education. Professional resources and associations helps leaders build “a creative learning culture” (Buller, 2015, p.101). Professional resources highlight relevant research findings affecting specific sectors as with community colleges. Associations offer personal benefits to leaders as well as offering additional access to resources such as an affiliated professional journal. The position leadership takes can enhance or hinder successful change using current findings to inform decisions is good.

Leadership Perspective on the Relation of Work to Education
Community colleges are in a unique position to affect local economies positively as they transform from interludes between high school and universities. There is no plateau indication since society 's perception of the relationship of work to education continues to resonate within American culture.
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Especially because of the economic drivers that can cripple the local area, leadership should be an ever-present force in the community.
Professional Organizations
Professional organizations assist leadership stay current on trends in higher education and have both personal and professional benefits in membership.
Considering the relation of work to education, the Association of Community Colleges recently published through its online newspaper, Community Colleges Daily, articles particularly relevant among others, two articles include:
1. “Goldman Sachs Pumps $10M into R.I. Businesses” by Matt O 'Brien
2. “Aligning Career and Tech Ed Efforts” by Daily Staff
Professional memberships provides access to “case studies, articles, white papers and books written by experts” (Cherwin, 2010, para.

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