What Is It Important To Realize When I Work Alone

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Important to realize, I work alone, meaning I do not have other employees at my side, by reason of taking care of kids on my own. Keeping in mind, that my supervisors only talk to the families, unless of course they need to complete certifications. Therefore, I can not observe what kind of leadership they may obtain with their work environment. With this said, I will be basing my evaluations on the families I provide the care for. As a result of, reviewing the first leader, I have concluded her exhibiting mostly relationship behavior. This of course, is due to her being my mother. To explain, I work with my sister in providing respite care. Moreover, knowing my family my whole life, I no doubtably can determine the leadership skills my mother demonstrates. Of course, I feel comfortable with …show more content…
For this reason, results to my mother being cautious with how hard I push my sister in activities. Although, being so personally with this job, my mother still shows me the three things: dignity and respect, help guide my sister and I to get along, along with keeping the work setting a pleasant place to be in. Being that, this keeps everything a effective performance in being a leader and a mother. Another key point, my mother also expresses task behavior. For instance, my mother has to follow a tight schedule for the week. For example, she has to help get my sister up and ready for school, then assist her with meals and showers. Likewise, she has to stay on top of her full time job. In addition, to my sister 's disability, my mother has to manage all my sister documents appointments, as well as maintaining her daily medication. To conclude, my mother demonstrates a well balanced leadership between the task skill and relationship skill. Generally speaking, my mother is a role model for me in pursuing strong leadership, not just towards a career, but in my everyday

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