The Importance Of Leadership

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Why did you chose the article
When I think of leaders of organizations, I think of people who are innovative, forward thinkers, and most of all focuses on people rather than numbers. Leaders are also people who never settles for things as they are, empowers their team members, and create an environment that is motivating for team members.
I chose this article because my organization received a presentation from LightspeedVT, a virtual training company vying to become a vendor. In researching this company, I was very impressed with the company and the philosophy of the CEO, Brad Lea. As I searched online for an article, I came this article featuring Mr. Lea as being a leader who will flourish in 2015; as I continued reading the article,
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Always thinking on how to enhance things, which in turn is rapidly carried across the leadership landscape, invoking innovation and initiative amongst people. Without it this trait, economic growth and global competitiveness are always in jeopardy.
Not self-focused – these leaders focus on creating impacts, take risks, inspires others to be original, and believes in the principle of great leadership while patiently awaits the respect they earn. They are also discovered for being courageous, not boastful.
See things differently – leaders make wiser choices and smarter decisions, always pay attention to the possible outcomes and consequences. They also become much more mindful of their surroundings, clear about actions and are more focused on their intentions, which allows them to lead through high-definition lens.
Authentic – possessing this trait assists leaders with understanding what can and cannot be done. These individuals are true to themselves regardless of the circumstances they face; they focus how to use their originality skills to leverage ideas that resonate throughout the
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Leaders are the people who put the organization on the roadmap to success; they are the ones who the leader inspires trust, never accepts that there is only one way to do something, has a long-range perspective, and does not pretend to be someone else.
The article outlined that leaders have the ability to release their exceptional differences in their thoughts, words, and actions; they are more doers than thinkers. (Llopis, 2014), “believes that “original leaders are the ones you remember the most and who set the standard by which you evaluate and assess other leaders...can quickly identify those people who respect their courageous and creative ways of thinking…have the ability to unleash their unique differences in thought in everything they do and how they do it”. What you learned from the

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