Leadership Theory

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Leadership and the qualifications of those who lead has been a topic that has been studied and defined in many ways. It is an attempt to help us gain a better understanding of what competencies we admire and embody in individuals that shapes our lives. It is human nature for us to want to be able to define specific behaviors in order to understand our interactions with others. From these studies, there are a number of leadership theories that have been developed and utilized in the leadership role, such as the Great Man Theory, Trait Theory and The Leader Mentor Exchange Theory, all have a distinct focus on the qualities we need to possess to be a leader but with different methodologies. The Great Man Theory suggests that there are natural …show more content…
However, the assumptions of other managers may not be summarized in the same way. The difference being perception and interaction, my manager is aware of my leadership competencies as we work closely with each other, but if I do not have the ability to sell my skills or interact in the same way to others, their perception of my leadership abilities are much more muted.
The Great Man Theory is one that when applied in a team setting you are quickly able to isolate who has particular strengths that can be used to the overall advantage of the team. Managers use these individuals for the growth and development, as they generally are the strongest links on the team and can influence others positively. This helps the team to connect with someone other than a manager and allows the ability to see things from another’s perspective, which in turn improves productivity. This in turn ties directly into another leadership theory the Leader-Member
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The ability to learn and develop helps enhance the overall value of the team. The worst teams that individuals have suggested that they have worked on are ones where the leaders failed to engage the entire team for example on a baseball team there is a manger but each player has their own role that they play if they aren’t able to perform then they are benched. The isolation of the Leader Member Exchange Theory would need to be approached where a leader identifies when there is such a split on a team and does everything in their power to establish relationships and form a unified

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