The Importance Of Leadership Style: Leadership Theory And Practice

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Introduction and Context

Organizations have given leadership great importance because leadership styles greatly influence the effectiveness and sense of self of a leader. Leaders recognize the elements that encourage other people to follow their vision and mission, and they know how to plan accordingly to the follower’s abilities when situations require them to do so. “Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (Northouse, 2010, p. 3). As I reflect on the information that I have learned in Dr. McGhee’s “Leadership Theory and Practice” class, I found the leadership analysis report extremely significant because it allowed me to apply all knowledge I gathered during this course and
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My list started getting shorter until I made the final decision to interview Mrs. Magana. I had previously met Mrs. Magana during a walk through. As I continued to see her at several occasions, she later pushed me to become a better version of myself. She also felt others could learn from me. I have grown to admire her leadership style. My previous experiences with her combined with the fact that she is currently the director of new teacher induction, confirmed by decision to interview her as the professional whose leadership style I wanted to explore.
I designed my interview questions by researching Mrs. Magana and selected some from my professor. I asked Mrs. Magana the following 12 questions:
1. What do you think is the most important asset for a leader?
2. What do you value the most in a leader?
3. Coming from Principal’s Director position to a Teacher Learning Director position, what are the differences and similarities you found in both positions?
4. How do you approach different cultures as a leader?
5. What do you consider your greatest leadership strength?
6. Please describe what you consider your greatest leadership
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Magana demonstrates, such as context and culture, leader attributes, and follower receptivity, are the strong foundation that has led her to become a great servant leader (Northouse, 2016, p.231). “Great leaders cut through the differences of race, age, sex, nationalities, and personalities; using stories and celebrating heroes” (Buckingham, 2005). Her greatest attribute is her own motivation to serve others. In answering the question about how she approaches different cultures as a leader, she mentioned that she identifies unique people and respects their culture by understanding their differences. In the new teacher induction ceremony, she highlighted the need to lessen the culture shock and learn about the families with whom the new teachers would be working. She referred to the United States as a melting pot and said, “We are going to have more melting. I’m sure you’re seeing more ethnicity, more mixed marriages, and I love to see that.” Mrs. Magana’s response highlights how strongly culture influences her leadership

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