Essay On Military Leadership

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When discussing leadership in various classes, it is always stated that people can be taught to be leaders. I have to disagree with this based on my own personal judgments and experience. People can be taught how to be leaders, but people cannot be taught to be leaders. Leadership is a trait that you either have inside of you or you don’t. However, everyone has the ability to lead and those who have the ability to lead have the responsibility to lead. Leadership is the backbone of the military structure. During my tour in the military, it was noticed that leadership is more than just being the person in charge. Leadership is the ability to convince others to achieve a goal. In the military you are given the ability to lead, and those that have the ability to lead have the responsibility to lead. To me, leadership is not only the responsibility to lead, but also the responsibility to assist others to become more effective and more efficient in the task at hand or towards the overall objective to reach that goal. Leadership positions throughout my military career were a natural fit for me because of my intuitive ability to realize …show more content…
The entertainment industry is a very influential institution throughout our global community. Many people assimilate to those ideals and influences that the entertainment industry provides. By providing the community with a message that instills the principle moral values that our society deems acceptable, we allow others to become better citizens within their community and beyond. Our goals as a society should be to assist others in being better individuals for the overall betterment of society. Our global community is diverse and complex, with individuals making choices continuously. How we behave after those choices are made shapes the fabric of our

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