The Importance Of Leadership In The Hospitality Industry

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Most hospitality industry observers and practitioners agree that frontline employees who are satisfied with and committed to their jobs share the firm’s customer-oriented values, exhibit low levels of role stress, and deliver the highest level of service quality (Singh, 2000). This is particularly relevant in the hospitality industry because employees have the greatest amount of direct customer contact. Heskett, et al. (1994) indicated that customers will be satisfied if employees are satisfied.

In the quick service restaurants context, the work content of staff is to provide their customers with service-based professional work, and so human resources are one of the most important resources in this industry. Apparently, employees’ job satisfaction
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Therefore, if companies do not improve job satisfaction and loyalty, they run the risk of reduced productivity, decreased revenue, and failure (Haakonsson et al., 2008; Rossiter, 2009). Therefore, the QSRs have to make their employees satisfied in the workplace before the employees can deliver satisfactory services to customers. The importance of leadership cannot be over-emphasized because it is the most significant factor in motivating employees and improving productivity (Fulop and Linstead …show more content…
According to Pittaway et al., (1998) most hospitality leadership studies focused on revealing the importance of leadership. They suggested that future studies be geared toward: (1) the better grasp of leadership concepts in hospitality industry, (2) the contribution of leadership on the industry, and (3) the relationship between leadership and organizational performance. According to Testa (2001) employees’ perception about hospitality industry leaders has a positive influence on both the leaders’ effectiveness and the employees’ performance, and consequently on organizational performance. Since employees’ perception of their managers’ leadership style can impact organizational performance, it is important to investigate employees’ perception of their managers’ leadership styles in the hospitality

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