The Importance Of Leadership In Management

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For the midterm project, I chose the topic of leadership in management. I feel that to be a good manager, you must have good leadership skills, so you can help motivate your employees, sustain a controlled and organized business from day to day and socially, you can respond in an effective manner to solve problems and meet goals. Now, to be a good leader you need leadership training as well as an organization that allows you to use resources as effectively and efficiently as need be and to trust you to make good decisions regarding conflict, ethical VS. unethical behaviors, and workplace politics. To complete this leadership interview so I could better understand leadership in management I interviewed Virginia Wood, the executive director at the Brennity of Melbourne, a retirement community with independent living, assisted living and a memory care unit. You can imagine her job requires a lot of leadership skills in dealing with managers of different departments, employees, residents and their families as well as her home office located in Texas.
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Wood and asked her a series of leadership questions beginning with what motivates her to perform and have organizational commitment to her position? Her response was the success of the retirement community she works at, her residency occupancy and her resident and associate satisfaction. This sounds like a manager I want to work for who cares for others above and beyond herself. Then I asked her what she believed is the most important motivation factors for her employees? She told me being respected and appreciated. She also uses her own leadership status to influence organizational performance by setting expectations and holding associates responsible for their own behaviors. This sounds very much like a good way to keep inclusion and everything within the workplace a team

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