The Importance Of Leadership In Leadership

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Register to read the introduction… He became short tempered because he couldn’t stay focused on the project. He called Patricia to his office to work with him on a Request for Proposal (RFP). His behavior was eradicated that morning and he began to yell and bully her to respond. The body gesture that occurred was the intimidation with standing over into her personal space trying to get a negative response from her. His physical ways were very uncomfortable to the employees. This was Tom’s way of feeling in control and to show his dominance over subordinates. He asks for advice, but really wants his team’s …show more content…
First, the leader must be open to improvement of deficiencies in their leadership style. The success to change is to include the coached leader and their team. The key variables for long-term progress are to coach clients and their co-workers (Goldsmith, 2004, p. 29). The research shows if leaders get feedback, follow up, and involve their co-workers in the change process, they understand and accept it better. (Goldsmith, 2004, p. 32)
Changing the behavior of a bully in the workplace should include interpersonal and self-awareness skills, so that the bully can explore and adopt alternative ways of behaving. Bullying or intimidation is a dysfunctional behavior and requires intervention of psychotherapy to explore the reasons for bullying or aggressive behavior (Dickson, 2005, p.
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This type of leader shows charisma, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. The subordinates of these leaders feel admiration, respect, trust, and appreciation and are motivated to provide extra effort (Webb, 2007, p. 54). This leader is able to motivate employees to higher levels of personal expectations and individual commitment (Yammarino & Bass, 1990). The motivation of employees is very important, because the lack of direct interaction between leaders and workers has demonstrated a negative correlation with employee motivation (Webb, 2007, p.

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