The Importance Of Leadership In Chinese Education

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Leaders are always at the centre of the survival and development of any organization,. Targeted and effective leadership often determines the fate of a school. “leader behaviours were strong predictors of leadership effectiveness.” (Tricia Vilkinas and Deborah West,2011, p350). With the rapid increase in today 's economy and the international status of China, Chinese education is beginning to show a wide range of trends. In order to adapt to the different educational needs of a wide range of Chinese language training institutions have emerged, such as private training, public schools offer foreign language classes or electives, etc. Confucius Institute. There are many potential threats to the traditional model of Chinese complementary schools …show more content…
She also stressed that student 's communication skills and negotiation skills must be combined with the cultural background. In the classroom, both culture and language should be seen as products shaped by specific human activities brought about by relationships established between groups of people rather than arising from the norms of the society of which they are part (Good Win C, 1993 , p181– 209. ). In this light, cross-cultural understanding cannot just happen when students are made to learn the culture of the target language. Rather actual learning takes place when teachers and students bring together their own experiences. This then contributes to the creation of the cultural environment within the classroom. (Kramsch, 1993).
Overseas Chinese children learning Chinese can bring unique challenges. They are immersed in an English environment, seeing and hearing English from the media and those surrounding them. The characters in written Chinese can become very unfamiliar to them and they will generally pick up the Romanised alphabet much quicker than the Chinese Character based alphabet. Having to become familiar with these two styles is an additional burden on the children. Faced with such a daunting task, Chinese complementary schools can struggle to motivate children to learn. Chinese School development has two main tasks school management and academic
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These founders wished to contribute to the community, to fulfil these obligations are commendable, their contribution in founding these schools made a great contribution to Chinese immigrant’s lives in British society. However, nearly always they had their own careers and full time work, so could only commit to investing limited time and resources into the schools. However education is a long-cycle business, a school 's successful ethos and style of study and its formation is not an overnight thing, and Chinese school leadership and staff frequently changed, for the construction of a good school atmosphere this created

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