The Importance Of Leadership And Organizational Performance Essay examples

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The aim of this essay is to discuss whether leadership makes a difference to organizational performance. For the past few decades, the research of leadership is seen as highly relevant and important area (Bryman, 2011). There has been a big requirement of leadership qualities and methods to help improve or generate the efficiency in organizations’ structures. Companies have been looking for great leaders to enhance competitive advantage. However, this has been questioned by many scholars. “Some argue that leadership has less impact than historical, organizational, and environmental forces” (Bryman, 2011).It is then speculative if individual leaders can be attributed for organizational performance (Bryman, 2011).
What is leadership?
To determine whether leadership has any relation to organizational performance, it is important to first define what leadership is. Leadership has been a topic of many studies and researches, yet there is no agreed definition on what it generally means. Although there is not a one and only agreed definition, Yukl (1998) defined leadership as “mobilizing the workforce towards attaining organizational goals”. Stogdill (1950), stated that leadership is the “ability to influence a group towards set of goals and their achievement”. Popular visions of a leader in the organizations is represented by key terms such as strategic,future, change, passion, charisma, courage, integrity, authenticity and vision(Western, 2013). A successful leader…

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