The Importance Of Leadership And Management Skills Essay

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Leadership and Management skills are highly significant for the overall quality of an Early Years Setting. Siraj-Blatchford and Manni (2007) as cited in Cook (2013) highlights that effective leadership and management skills are exceedingly important components in providing high quality provisions within the Early Years. Good quality within an Early Years setting makes a huge difference to children’s lives and helps to provide a stimulating environment within the organisation as a whole, therefore enforcing a high standard of management and leadership skills would not only enhance the children’s quality of life but also the quality of care provided to staff and the community of the setting.
There are four key elements that are vitally important in terms of leadership and management and they are leadership qualities, management skills, professional attributes and personal characteristics and attitudes.
Leadership qualities are vital for safeguarding continuous quality improvement within an Early Years setting. As a leader, it is important that positive practice is set out and it ensures that staff see themselves as lifelong learners while understanding the importance of self-evaluation, reflection and improvement on their own practice. Doyle and Smith (1999) as cited in Whalley and Allen (2011) highlights that good leaders are commonly believed to be people who are able to think and act creatively in routine and non-routine circumstances and who set out to inspire the…

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