The Importance Of Leadership And Management Development

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Register to read the introduction… These all proves the fact that it is essential for the companies to concentrate on leadership development. Leadership development helps people to improve their qualities, which then may led them to be a leader and it also helps managers to improve their productive and managerial skills. (Oracle 2012). Leadership development helps leaders to understand themselves and employees and focuses on how to improve both. It also helps leaders to find out how to motivate the employees that is the one of the biggest factor of the employee productivity. Moreover, it improves the skills and understanding of leaders to make better, wiser decisions and develop their values that may help him to adapt different situations (Butler, …show more content…
It will firstly present the background of the company and internal and external challenges that the company have faced. Then it will discuss the learning strategy of the programme and form the key features of the leadership and management development programme. Furthermore, it will present a clear implementation and evaluation strategy for the programme. Finally, it will provide a conclusion with a focus on sustainability.

Company’s Background

Medilax Group is a global pharmaceutical company which is established in 1985 in Germany. They were early known for producing various painkiller preparations and derivates. They became famous for producing sweet painkiller tablets for children over 12 in 1991. Now they have two business segments which are pharmaceutical and beauty products. Their products are operated in the USA, Europa and Asia markets. Their vision is to become the world’s most valued company to patients, customers and communities where they work. They dedicated themselves to humanity for their longer, healthier and happier lives.

Their values and codes of ethics provide a framework to guide the behaviours and actions of their employees in pursuit of the strategy. Their values are:
Upholding the highest levels of
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As the main needs of this leadership programme are to improve the engagement with staff, increase diversity and retention, and create a mission for global presence, a competency based approach to leadership will be followed. As McCauley (2006) stated, leadership competencies contribute to organisation performance and a competency based approach help organisations identify and develop their potential leaders. In spite of the fact that some leadership competencies are necessary for all firms, an organisation firstly should think what leadership competencies are necessary for the organisation to create competitive advantage. Considering all these and the needs of the leadership development programme, the following leadership competencies are aimed to be

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