The Importance Of Leadership And Leadership In School?

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Register to read the introduction… People who succeed are good people, and people who fail are bad. However, leadership teaches people think different. In fact, failure is an essential ingredient for success. In school, a student learns the lesson and takes the test. If he fails a test, there is no way he can go back and change the result, and that is bad. In real life, the person has to do first and fail by making mistakes, and he learns the lesson later. The person will fail many times, and the matter is not how many times that they fail, but the true matter is how many times that person can stand up and keep going after the failures. According to Cameron C. Taylor in his book “8 attributes of great achievers”, the author tells a story about Thomas Edison, a famous inventor and businessman, who failed many times in his life. When he was a little kid, his teacher failed him and told his mother that he was stupid and did not have the ability to learn. When he grew older, he failed a thousand times in one of his invention, but he never gave it up. His thousand times failures projects is the light bulb invention. The same to Abraham Lincoln, he failed twenty seven times. From his twenties to his fifties, he failed on business, lost his loved ones, got sick for a year, lost many times in running for political positions. However, he never scared of failures and finally became president of the United States. Therefore, children should be aware of failure is not wrong but a preparation for success. Every successful person starts their journey of success as a failure, but they choose to have a winning thinking and keep their positive attitude in order to …show more content…
In a normal life, when a person gets into an unfavorable or even dangerous circumstances, negative thought comes in his mind automatically. He keeps expecting the worst, uses too much time to worry and forgets to find a solution. Positive attitude can help people to get through the bad times easier. It can relax your mind in order to focus on finding the solution. One example of positive attitude is Thomas Edison. According to John C. Maxwell in his book “The 21 Indispensable qualities of a leader”, he said that “Edison was an optimist who saw the best in everything… When it took him ten thousand tries to find the right materials for the incandescent light bulb, he didn’t see them as that many failures. With each attempt he gained information about what didn’t work, bringing him closer to a solution.” (Maxwell 89). Furthermore, according to Doug Dickerson in his book “Great Leader Wanted”, he said that “your attitude is a forecast of your ability to relax and unwind. If your attitude is bad, your stress levels will mirror it, and the same holds true for the stress level of your organization.” (Dickerson 37) Nowadays, many teenagers become depression or even commit suicide because of feeling stress and thinking negative. There is a fact that they also got attack by other people in many reasons to make them feel bad, but their thinking can also be changed if they are taught thinking positive at school. Thinking positive does not take much effort and money, but it requires a lot of time to sharpen a person’s attitude.

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