Violation Of Law Enforcement Essay

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In the United States national, state, and local agencies have the job of implementing law enforcement policies and strategies everyday while accounting for the requirements of the U.S. Constitution and other laws. They have to make sure that the right of the people as well as their civil liberties are protected while making sure that they protect themselves at the same time. However, there are times when an officer has to forget about implement law enforcement policies when some one’s life is in danger and they have to break into a house to save them or when they are chasing someone who is suspicious of committing a crime and may be trying to destroy the evidence as well as avoid arrest. Furthermore, a police office has the right to stop and …show more content…
Supreme Court’s decision was that an officer can perform a reasonable search when the officer only performs a quick seizure and a limited search for a weapon on a person that the officer reasonably believes could have a weapon or be armed ( n.d.). Therefore, it does not violate their Fourth Amendment right because it is done for the protection of the officer and those that are around the area at the time of the pat down or quick seizure. However, it was stated that it does not violate any one’s constitutional rights if there is suspicion of a violent act, which in this case merited the forcible stop and frisk because the officer felt from his years as a police that there was something going on or about to happen. Therefore, a police officer has to be able to prove that there was a reason for the quick seizure or pat down due to his or public safety. However, it did impact how officers may interact with the public while they are working to include how they can search someone, as well as who they can search and the reasons for searching them. Fortunately, when it is applied correctly it has stop the loss of critical evidence without the use of a warrant in a number of

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