Using Simplified Language In The Classroom Analysis

It is important to always make sure that the language and subject you teach corresponds with the language you use in the classroom. A teacher would not speak to a young child the same way that she would a college student. Educators should be mindful of that, keeping in mind the age and understanding of the student should be a commitment made. This does not mean that teachers should use simplified language; they should use language that is clear and easily understood so that students can focus on the lesson and not the English being used.
One time during my first semester in the United States I was in class and my teacher said “gotcha”. I did not know what it meant. I tried to look it up on translating websites. I could not figure out how to
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I think verbally scaffolding during class discussions is helpful for students and can keep their minds focused on the subject being studied. There are many important things a student can miss out on if they do not practice speaking the language. Teachers should aim to include speaking practice in class. I have struggled with pronunciation because many of the words I read and write, I may not know how to say because some of the letters are silent or do not sound as they appear. Close and clothes was a challenging thing to learn at first because when written they are different, but when said out loud they sound similar. Scaffolding is one way that a teacher can help differentiate between the meanings of words because the teacher can provide examples or clues in case words or the questions being asked are confusing to …show more content…
Verbal and written communication is equally important in education. Slang and other examples of informal language exist everywhere and it can be very difficult for an international student to understand. In order to avoid these mishaps in language teachers should try to use academic language and find teachable moments. I have had teachers that have not corrected my language in the past and new teachers correct my language. Feedback in the form of discussions, scaffolding, and notes should be given to students. Regardless of a student’s background it is important that they are given a chance to learn and think. Students deserve to have an equal chance at their education and scaffolding is a way to provide them with

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