The Importance Of Language In Early Childhood

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Register to read the introduction… Once the brain has recognized the words as familiar and recognizes the sounds, the child can then learn to say them. The development of language and literacy skills begins at birth (Porter, 2003). As the child gets older, reading with him can also help him to form sentences (Maxcey, 1998). Children can recognize when a new sentence has begun when they are being read to. This helps a child to learn how to form and say sentences in the correct form. The ability to learn language is very strong in early childhood. By listening and copying sounds, most children can talk around twelve to eighteen months of age (Porter, 2003). This finding suggests that by reading to a child, the child can hear the words and see the pictures and associate the word and the picture and begin to understand and copy. All children can talk; it just depends on the sounds they hear around them. Lots of talking and touching stimulates the brains pathways for using and understanding language (Early Words, 2003). In order for a child to speak their native language they need to hear it being spoken other than in everyday conversation. An infant babbles, but that is not his native language. If the child is not taught language, specifically, then he cannot speak that …show more content…
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