The Importance Of Language And Their Own Language

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Language is an intimate human characteristic in which many doors open due to the aspects of carrying the many tongues of the world. Language is recognized as the form of expression humans communicate with. It is the speech that increases the ability to find identity of one and create the personal connection. It is the bittersweet knowledge of being to exchange within one identity to another due to language. Language is an internal connection with the personality of the one. Language is intimate, thus, comprehending the personal language opens the doors to many worlds.
The Form of Expression

Expressing oneself is the most complex idea ever simply because sometimes there are no words or the rules of grammar do not fit the style. Art, the
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Their perspectives are influenced by various concepts in the world, so the idea comes where the language at home is much more proof of who one is than the language at a school or job. There has been a controversial issue about the language being taught in school. The discussion about whether there is a “perfect” English or about how to enhance the language of students that come from a different culture; however, what they least expect is that the language they speak is a personal form of art. In Student’s Right to Their Own Language, the author describes the situation of, “whether our rejection of students who do not adopt the dialect most familiar to us is based on any real merit,” the author then continues on speaking how those trying to make changes are “rejecting the students themselves, rejecting them because their, racial, social, and cultural origins.” Being able to find oneself occurs during the years in which teenagers are in school trying to identify and trying to fit in. The concepts of identity are all based on the expressions students have, where the language they pick is form of art where the tones and diction is meticulously chosen to go with their form of speaking. Furthermore, the environment and culture they are surrounded by influences their diction, their tone, and their view on themselves. To clarify, teenagers are the ones vulnerable to express themselves through these dialects and become rejected by “educated” adults when all they are doing is finding their personal style. The concept of a language within a language, or a dialect, is more than simple slang or what’s new. Dialect, a form many express themselves through, is part of a greater idea. As stated before, the author of Student’s Right to Their Own Language discusses an important aspect of how language plays an important role in the lives of many. “Since dialect is not separate from culture, but an intrinsic part of it,

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