The Importance Of Language And Interpersonal Skills Essay

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As I was watching the video that was provided to us, I noticed three boys that were playing on a slide. All of them looked about the same age, one of the boys wondered off and went to another area of the classroom to play. He then saw a little girl playing with cars, so he joined. She then left, and he played by himself. Then this same boy sees another boy playing with a container of bugs, so he joins. He plays with him momentarily then the boy leaves and the main boy is by himself again. Then the boy heads over to play with a play structure that another boy is playing with; he plays with this boy for the rest of the video until the last few seconds, which then he is interested in what the teacher is doing with the camera. Toddler years are when it is exciting and sometimes challenging for parents and caretakers. Language and interpersonal skills develop quickly during this period along with the motor, cognitive, and physical development. Changes are noticed in the toddler when it comes to them being more independent and struggling with separation as well. Now for the stages and domain of development, The video focuses on a play in which play supports social-emotional as well as cognitive development. Nick is seen in the video in various categories of social participation such as unoccupied behavior, solitary play, and parallel activity. However, Nick is mainly seen involved in the parallel activity. According to Groark, McCarthy, &Kirk (2014), parallel activity is…

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