The Importance Of Lacrosse

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When people think of an American sport they think of football, baseball, and basketball. Yes, all of these sports were originated in America one came way ahead of all of them. Lacrosse has been around as early as the 12th century but has never really been popular since now. Lacrosse is made up of 4 positions: midfielder, attack, defense, and goalie. Lacrosse has always been my passion but there was one thing that I loved more then the sport its self. And that is the position I play which is midfield. The midfield position in lacrosse posses three major characteristics that you have to have to be successful which are speed, strength, and awareness.
Lacrosse is known for its fast pace and up beat tempo, you are never staying still. Every time
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While playing midfield your brain is working the whole game, figuring out where you need to be and whom you need to cover. Some sports like baseball and football there is really no use of there brain. For football all you have to know how to do it hit someone, and for baseball all you have to know is how to hit a ball. While playing midfield each player has to be aware of his surrounding at all times, because you came assume a player is doing something and he could actually do a totally different thing. Being a smart player is almost as good as being the best player. Growing up as a midfielder I notices that the coaches recognized the kid that always had his head up and was always aware of what the other people on the field were doing. Even though you are using your brain the whole time while playing lacrosse it is one of my favorite ways to get away from the stress of schoolwork. Getting my first lacrosse net was the best day of my life because it let me do what I love everyday. It helped me grow into the smart and tough midfielder I am …show more content…
Growing up the kids surrounding you keep getting taller and taller. As a child, and still today I do not have the height that I would wish for but my strength makes up for it. Lacrosse is a game where if you can’t hold your own ground you will never be able to be good at midfield. I remember the first time I ever played this position, I was running down the field with the ball and out of nowhere a kid hit me and I went flying out of bounds. At that exact moment I knew what this position was all about. Always my height was never the thing that protected me from a big hit, it was how hard I gave it back to him. Growing up, my parents did realize that my height wasn’t like the other kids so my dad would always tell me, “Its not about how tall you are, and its not about how tall they are Its about which player has worked for this moment more. And which player is going to put everything he has into the sport.” Through my life has a midfielder everyone always knew me as the feisty little kid that was not scared to go after the kids that were double my size. As I look back into my childhood, if I didn’t have the mentality that I had I wouldn’t be the player I am today. Strength in lacrosse isn’t all about hitting, having a good shot proves you are strong because you use every single bone in your body to get that shot off fast and hard. Another part of the game that I especially showed my strength

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