The Importance Of Knowing Your Past As An Essential Part Of My Life

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Your understanding of the importance of knowing your past as it relates to the actual age range you chose.

Looking back on life, there is something that I have learned that has stuck with me forever. This is that memories may fade but pictures last forever, as long as they are. When I was in foster care, my parents, foster parents, and workers made sure I was able to remember the things that I was involved in my early childhood stages of life. This stage is important to me because it reflects the on the days that I was in foster care. It also shows me the people who were associated with my life at the time. Although I may not have gotten to meet them, I need to be able to look back and get a clear picture of what was going on. Without these pictures, I would be missing an essential part of my life. Some of the pictures I have, regardless of the fact that not displayed in my book, had words that were included on the back. One of the pictures told me who my father was, how many sibling I had at the time, and a note from my biological mother. I was unaware that this writing was on the back of the picture until I was in my teens. The only reason I needed to be able to locate this information is because my pictures began to fall out of my life book. It was there that I went on a search for my biological family. Without the information from my pictures, I would have not known where to look.
2. How will a complete and thorough life book aid in helping you as a worker…

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