Prayer Life Research Paper

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significant when attempting to develop a better prayer life. In order to pray successfully, God has to be the focal point. Otherwise, irrelevant things can become a serious distraction. If I were to try and pray every night before bed, but had the television on a loud volume, this would not be mindful of me. The background noises would cause me to be inattentive to my time designated for the Lord. However, if I had a quiet and serene background, I would be more at peace and aware. Over time, I have learned to show more gratitude to those who I am grateful for. I constantly thank God and pray to Him. I always tell my mother how grateful I am for her and all that she does as well. My awareness and sense of time has also increased by me acknowledging …show more content…
Learning about numerous methods of prayer and spirituality such as praying, encountering God, having images of God, meditation, journaling, showing gratitude, mindfulness, and studying scripture has influenced a more open attitude and positive approach on my own life. It has allowed me to grow steadily in getting to know my spiritual self and how to get closer to God. This course of teaching has also taught me that prayer is a concept that involves living my heart and spirit to the Lord. Whether I am in need of forgiveness, acceptance, love, or even just to give thanks, I know that God will appreciate my yearning to be with Him. When I open my mind and soul to God, I ask him to work through me in order to give me what I need and to help others in any way that I can. I have noticed that prayer has changed my life in a way that I would have never imagined without it. I am now more patient, kind, and loving because of my progress in spirituality. However, these qualities were not improved immediately. Delicate concepts like these take time and much effort in order to flourish. Such characteristics "will appear not necessarily while we are praying or soon after we begin a habit of prayer, but gradually over time" (Koch). With prayer, my faith has also reached heights that I once would have deemed unimaginable. Instead of doubting the rise of something good happening when things are often falling apart, I talk to God and ask Him for guidance. Because of this, my faith and hope for better days has strengthened me. I now am capable of taking ordinary things and recognizing the good out of them. Things that are normally taken for granted by a lot of people, including myself, are now shown gratitude through my praise and worship to the Lord. With this, I typically have a great outlook on things that may confuse or frustrate me because I know that God has a plan and that He will

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