The Importance Of Jobs In The Military

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What is that career like today? Include a general description, educational expectations, necessary qualifications, etc. (250 words minimum)

As a Detachment Operation Flight Commander, you are supervising over majority of the cadets. Such as, checking dress code, maintain attentions for the cadets, in charge of the lessons, classes are in order, Honor Code and NO hazing, discrimination or sexual harassment. When I saw this the first time, I thought this was a lot. But then as I read more and more I realized that many of the points go together. Like, to be a successful detachment you need to have everyone look the same, positive vibes and structure for the cadets to learn. It wouldn’t be helpful if we had a Commander and he didn’t care about
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In the interview, Captain Lawrence stated that in 2013 there was budget cuts and a lot of people were let go because of their jobs in the Air Force. Captain Lawrence deals with the contracting section of the Air Force, therefore, he comprehends the information about the money from the Air Force. So, even though I may not be go into the same Bachelor Degree plan as he did. It’s still necessary to know what has occurred in the different jobs in the Air Force. So the next 5-10 years, Captain Lawrence stated that there will be most likely more structure and restraints on the money on the government. I see this as mostly a bad thing. Such as, what if it happens to me or the ones I care about around me. But, Captain Lawrence said it’s best to get a degree that you can do outside of the Air Force that you love. Because there are some degrees that you just need a Bachelor degree, so you need find basically a plan b if there were something to happen. Also, I’m still not sure want job I want in the Air Force. I know that I don’t want anything to do with medical, but that’s it. However, Captain Lawrence informed me that we were going to have some presenters come in to talk about their role in the Air Force. I’m really excited about that because I could see where my selections would work best for

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